Are You Looking To Sell Your Missouri Home or Real Estate Investment?

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If you’re looking to sell your home, then why not let the experts at Rockbridge Real Estate help instead of looking for a real estate attorney! Our knowledgeable and experienced realtors can help you sell your residential, multi-family or commercial property at its best price.

Selling Your Missouri Home

Are you thinking of putting your house up for sale?

You may be moving to another city, looking to downsize or you may looking for a home with more space. Whatever the reason for wanting to sell your Missouri home, the process can be challenging. The process of putting a house up for sale can be stressful and overwhelming. It may also be emotional and difficult.

That’s why we at Rockbridge Real Estate, want to help you.

Our real estate agent will guide you through the entire selling process to ensure your house is sold with no stress involved. With our real estate services, we will exceed sellers expectations and please even your buyer's agent, offering you a stress-free and smooth experience when selling your property. We know the steps that are required to sell a house. We can first help you value and price your home.

Then, our real estate agents will help sellers with staging the home, taking photos and videos, listing the house, advertising it and conducting showings. In doing all of this, we have one main goal: We want our sellers to get fair market value for your home in the quickest possible time.

Let us take care of all of this for you! Our realtors have years of experience helping people sell their homes in Missouri and we can’t wait to help you sell yours too. They'll take into account the competitive buyer's agent commission and every little detail when making the best deal for you.

Selling Your Investment Property

Are you thinking of putting your investment home up for sale? The realtors at Rockbridge Real Estate can help. We have the tools and knowledge required to help you liquidate your portfolio.

If your unit is occupied by a tenant, we will implement the Income Approach.

We will also advertise your investment home in a way that attracts buyers, while saving you from extra costs. We will be with you every step of the way to answer any of your questions or concerns about selling your investment home.

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The First Steps to Selling Your Home

Our realtors at Rockbridge know what it takes to sell a home in today’s realty market. This means we will be able to provide you with sound advice on what steps to take to get the most for your home.

Here are some of the important steps to take when putting your home up for sale:

Determine the Correct Selling Price

The first thing Missouri home sellers must do to begin the process is determine the correct asking price. Our realtors can find the optimal price point to sell your home at, in today's competitive market. But if you have any concerns, our team will conduct a FREE detailed market analysis for you.

Assess the Curb Appeal

When a prospective buyer comes to visit your home, you want them to have a good first impression. So, be sure that the exterior of the home is well-maintained. From the outside, you want your home to look welcoming and inviting. Our realtors can help you with this so your house makes the best first impression.

Look at a multiple listing service. Compare the listing price of homes similar to yours in the area to help assess where you stand in the market. Potential buyers need to have a reason to choose your home above others.

Declutter & Clean the Home

It’s important that potential home buyers can imagine themselves living in your home. For this reason, you want to put any personal or family photos and artwork in storage. Our realtors can help you ensure that your home looks appealing to a potential buyer. This will help you sell your home more quickly.

Also, to make your home more attractive to buyers, you want to keep your home clean at all times - always be ready for showings. If not, you could end up on sites like Buyer Beware.

Stage the Home

Staging your home is a very important step in selling your house. This can help your home look more attractive to prospective buyers and so our realtors can help make a great impression to any prospect.

Don't stage the home in a way that tries to hide any flaws. If the home is half the typical cost, interested buyers may get suspicious. Local buyers will often know what to look for. An experienced real estate agent can help your home sale go smoothly.


Manage Offers & Negotiating

Once you stage your home and begin to advertise it, you’ll start receiving offers. But when you have so many offers, it’s normal that you may struggle to determine which one to accept. But at Rockbridge Real Estate, we can help with that! We will ensure that you accept the best offer possible – an offer that makes you feel comfortable and happy.

Our realtors will help you determine which offers and which buyers to take most seriously. We can also negotiate on your behalf. Save money on real estate attorney fees by having someone by your side that knows what to do.