Real estate is the investment option of choice for many investors, home buyers and landlords over the years.

When you invest in the right market, you gain a steady rental income, an appreciation in your property’s value, and gain access to various tax breaks.

Recently, homebuyers and real estate investors have turned their attention to Columbia, MO. This growing city is home to over 100,000 people and has several charming neighborhoods for new residents to choose from.

If you’re considering purchasing a property in Columbia, keep reading! This article will give you a sense of what the city has to offer.

Job Market

Some of the largest employers in the area include the University of Missouri, IBM, MU Health Care, and Columbia’s Veterans United Home Loans. Combined, these companies offer thousands of Columbia residents steady jobs. There are also several major employers in technology, manufacturing, hospitality, and the retail industry.

A well-performing job market is often an indicator of rising property values and increased amenities in neighborhoods. These will improve your quality of life as a resident or allow you to charge higher rental rates as a landlord.

Quality Education

The city of Columbia is also known for offering high-quality public education, which sets it apart from many other places. Many people in the area can attest to the comprehensive nature of the educational programs in this city. Children in Columbia receive the best education possible. There are also several highly-ranked private schools in the area.
A university professor pointing out important information to a student on their laptop
Thanks to its close proximity to the University of Missouri, individuals in Columbia can easily take classes at this esteemed institution. It offers a broad range of academic programs at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels.

The University of Missouri attracts students from all over the country and other parts of the world. There is often a steady stream of students in the city throughout the year.

Charming Communities

While Columbia is home to over 100,000 people, urbanization hasn’t robbed it of its welcoming atmosphere. The city’s residents and authorities have gone to great lengths to protect the unique charm that Columbia has always had.

One of Columbia’s most well-known neighborhoods is the downtown district. The area has numerous places to explore, including restaurants, cafes, and local shops. Those who make the trip to downtown can expect to be immersed in local cultures, vibrant music and art.

Outdoor Adventures

In addition to offering urban amenities, Columbia has plenty of spaces where people can enjoy the great outdoors! Some of the most popular natural spaces in the area include Rock Bridge Memorial State Park and the Katy Trail State Park.

From camping and relaxing in nature to fishing and biking, individuals can plan a day trip or a weekend getaway” that suits their needs best!

Foodie Delights

Foodies and culinary connoisseurs have no shortage of options in Columbia. This city has a broad range of dining options for residents and visitors to choose from. In addition, dining establishments offer meals at a wide range of prices, making it easy for people to find the ideal dining spot for them.
Two parents and their children prepare breakfast on a kitchen island with a granite countertop
For those more inclined to cook at home, fresh and quality produce is always available at local farmers’ markets. To elevate their meals, many Columbia residents visit nearby wineries. Columbia is known as the heart and soul of the region’s wine industry. Only the best wines in Missouri Country are found in Columbia.

Real Estate Options

Investing in a real estate option is made easier when you have plenty of properties to choose from. Columbia, MO, has a wide range of properties on the market at any given time. Depending on your investment goals, budget, and needs, you can choose from single-family residences, multi-unit properties, serviced apartments, and more.
an overhead view of several houses lining a cul de sac
When you begin looking to buy a property in Columbia, MO, it’s important to bring on an expert that can guide you through complex real estate processes. In addition, a qualified professional will be able to help you select a property that perfectly suits your needs.


Columbia is an excellent option for your next real estate investment. With its robust job market, quality schooling at all levels, access to nature, and charming ambiance, residents of Columbia, MO, have a high quality of life and opportunities to explore the vibrant city they live in.

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